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Sellers FAQ: Online VS High Street Agent?   DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE: [wpdm_package id='490']   Please call me on 07864 942 768 or email to book your Market Consultation.   In this video, I’m talking about Online Vs High Street Agents. Welcome to the first video in this series, aimed for those of you that feel it’s time to start placing your property on the market. But before you jump on the phone to start booking

The Decrease Of Cash-Only Buyers Hi Guys, welcome to this weeks’ vlog. I’m talking about the decrease of Cash-Only, offers. For more of my VLOGs. Please check out my YouTube Channel o In 2018, just under 285,000 properties across Great Britain were purchased with cash alone, comprising 29% of all property sales. o This is the lowest proportion of cash sales recorded since this record began. Between 2012 and 2017, more than 30%